Layout 2018 export error - there was a problem exporting to this file




I have a persistent error. I can’t export PDF’s via the file>export>pdf method. Every time I try to export I get the following error message

There was a problem exporting to this file
file path

I have read and tried the steps in the following posts

but have had not any joy in fixing this. I can export with print>PDF but the options are limited.

Any help much appreciated.



Layout 2018 upgrade install and export issues

Yep, didn’t work in Layout 2016 either. Apparently it has stumped the SU engineers.


Thanks Lemke,
Did you ever find a fix. I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled (several times) using run as admin but I just can’t export PDF’s in the usual way. Im hoping Im not just stuck with having to print PDFs rather than being able to export them!
Anyone from Sketchup able to help out??


I use a program called “Easy PDF Creator”. What’s funny is that LO on my laptop creates PDF’s just fine. My desktop PC, not so much. I had a buddy of mine who was a former IT computer dude troubleshoot the issue and he couldn’t figure it out either.


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