Layout 2019 export PDF

Hi ! here is what I have each time I try to export to PDF from 2 weeks

I uninstall all the new windows update
Unintall SU 2019 and Re-install (administrator)

Hope someone can help


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What if you print to PDF instead of exporting ?

You might also want to look into this thread Layout 2018 can't export PDF error "There was a problem exporting to this file"

But I’m starting to think you have troubles with your SketchUp installation. Earlier this day you told about a user that had been deleted and from what I saw, in a bad way.

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I never have any problem before, but this week I have something to lear

Yes it work with the print to PDF
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I reinstall it, maybe that steel cause the problem

Make sure you right click on the installer and run as administrator

Yes I run it as administrator each time

I can’t belive people have this probleme from about 2 years and no body fix that!
I start to work with SU in 2008 and never see that.