Layout export to PDF stopped working

My layout function ‘Export to PDF’ has stopped working. I have downloaded SU 2019.2 and tried old files using SU 2018 which I still have installed. Layout always returns ‘Problem encountered - there was a problem exporting to this file’.
The problem did coincide with a large Windows 10 update. Could this be the cause of the problem? - my knowlege of computers is not that deep

do a repair installation to see if this resolves the problem

the Win10 updates are constantly messing up settings on my machine as well, but I’d rather have the updates and sort out the mess afterwards

Hi J
Thanks for the advice - could you broadly explain how to do this as I am not very computer savvy

Close SU. Find the downloaded file of 2019.2 Right click on the file>choose run as administrator>choose repair option.

After a Windows update, it is also preferable to power down and restart your computer.

RLGL & Anssi thanks for advice
I did the repair and I always power down at night - still no Export to PDF in Layout 2019.2 or 2018. Other export from Layout (images & Dwg) work fine. I can get by using free Cute Writer or Windows print to PDF but the latter will not print A2 sheets. I really need the ability to control the export detail which Layout provides.

Updated graphics card - still no PDF export from Layout.

Curious, what is your default pdf reader? BTW it exports for me.

There isn’t a pdf with that filename open correct

It can return an error if there is a previous pdf export open.

Thanks for replies. My default pdf reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and I learnt long ago (the hard way) not to export a pdf with the same file open. I will try restoring Windows 10 to the version before the recent updates.

There is another discussion about a similar problem. It seems the SU Team has been able to duplicate it but that there is no definitive fix yet:

But… does not affect everybody.
I have had some strange pdf issues that I have been able to sort, none with SU.

Anssi, RLGL, I had touched on the former thread but didn’t read it right through. Having now done so I feel quite depressed.
Since my last post I have uninstalled and reinstalled AdobeDC and uninstalled 2 out of 3 recent (24/07/2019) windows updates and the problem still persists. The third was a windows security update and I didn’t like to mess with that.
I did notice when I use the Win 10 ‘Quick access’ function which brings up ‘Frequent Folders (10)’ and ‘Recent files (20)’ the title of the failed Layout file appears but with a ‘size’ of 0 KB.
I guess i’ll have to make do with Cute Writer
Thanks All

I just exported 2 LO files to PDF fine now I just tried a third and I am having a problem. This for work, Not a good thing. Any Idaes???
Nimziki, Joe- Hermosa Beach Plot Plan.layout (549.3 KB)

Hi Lind69
If you check out the former threads this seems to be an unexplained problem that occurs in a minority of users. Ive abandoned all hope and use the free version of ‘Cute Writer’ which gives good results but without the options included with Layout ‘Export to PDF’

Thank u for the reply. I read that, it was late and my brain was not working. Should have investigated what that. Downloaded and got it to work. Thanks again!!!