Layout export to PDF not functioning

I cannot export a PDF from Layout. I get the message: “Problem encountered. There was a problem encountered exporting to this file.”
I’ve had this problem with Layout 2020 and now 2021 with my machine running Windows 10. I never had this problem with my previous machine running Win XP pro 64
I contacted Trimble after purchasing SU 2020 and they said it was a known issue and they were actively working on a fix. My one year support contract has now expired so I cannot contact them anymore. Does anyone know of the status of the fix? (BTW I am using a work around for now by printing to PDF which is somewhat awkward.)

I do not have this issue with version 21.1.299. If you have a key for 21 Pro, you can update to the latest version.

I have the latest.

Some additional info

Can you post the LayOut file?

Remembering previous threads, this may be caused by a corrupt element on one or several of the pages (font, image…). You could try to find the culprit by removing pages one by one until the export works.

I’ve tried with many files over the last year. Nothing works. I 'll send you a simple LO file that does not export for me.
Test Circle.layout (74.6 KB)

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