Layout will not export PDF

Now that SU 2016 is up and running again, the original problem still persists… Layout will not export files as PDF’s. Help, again…

what does this mean exactly (step-by-step)?

Not a “Save as…” but a “File > Export > PDF…” is obvious.

Which mode (Raster/Hybrid/Vector) selected in the “SketchUp Model” panel (lower right corner)?:


I do not understand your question?


doesn’t explain anything.

You need to elaborate what exactly is the problem, i.e. which step during the PDF export fails or if everything seems to work but no PDF file is created or…

When I attempt to export a Layout drawing as a PDF I get an error message, “Cannot export to that file.”

Where are you trying to export the PDF to?

Into the project folder on my C drive.

What if you try to export it someplace else like the desktop? Will it create a PDF file? Can you export an image?

I just tried to export to my desktop, and I get the error message, “There was a problem exporting to this file.”

for testing purposes configure in the “SketchUp Model” panel (see above) the vector mode and try again to export by saving to the desktop.

No go.

I’ve tried several different LO files, all very simple drawings.

try if installing the Windows runtime libraries required by SU v2016/2017 again helps:
  - Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2+
  - Microsoft Visual C++ Redist. 2015
  - Microsoft Universal C Runtime Update f. Win 7/8.x

Run the installers by “r-click > Run as Admin”.

Installed and ran them all… still no go.

Although, the .NET patch doesn’t seem to run or install itself.

Actually, it says it is already installed on my computer.