Can't export layout file as a PDF?

I’m not able to export my LAYOUT file as a PDF. I can export as an image and as a DXF, but not as a PDF. Kindly assist. Here’s my file.
Lockers final.layout (1.9 MB)

Do you get some sort of error message when you try to export as a PDF? It worked fine for me. Here’s a screen grab from Adobe Reader.

Hi Dave, thanks for your quick reply. I’m by no means a computer expert, so please bare with me. This is the error that I get.
Error message.pdf (301.7 KB)
I’m also not able to export a file from Sketchup as a PDF image.

Try exporting to the Desktop instead of your One Drive cloud storage.

No luck…

Do you get a new error message?

The same message.

How about trying what I wrote? Export the PDF to your desktop.

Have done. No luck.

Maybe @colin can shed some light on it.

I can also export to PDF without problems.
Is the D: drive truly local to your computer, or is it, too, redirected to some network location “under the hood”?
There might be a font problem. When I try to edit some of your text boxes I get a missing font warning about “Arial-Black”. My system shows a font name that doesn’t contain the hyphen. My system substitutes it apparently with Verdana.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve taken just a block without text and tried to export that without any luck.

As far as the D: drive, I’ll have to consult with my IT expert as I’m not a computer expert.
Will revert back shortly.