Can't export layout file as a PDF?

I’m not able to export my LAYOUT file as a PDF. I can export as an image and as a DXF, but not as a PDF. Kindly assist. Here’s my file.
Lockers final.layout (1.9 MB)

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Do you get some sort of error message when you try to export as a PDF? It worked fine for me. Here’s a screen grab from Adobe Reader.

Hi Dave, thanks for your quick reply. I’m by no means a computer expert, so please bare with me. This is the error that I get.
Error message.pdf (301.7 KB)
I’m also not able to export a file from Sketchup as a PDF image.

Try exporting to the Desktop instead of your One Drive cloud storage.

No luck…

Do you get a new error message?

The same message.

How about trying what I wrote? Export the PDF to your desktop.

Have done. No luck.

Maybe @colin can shed some light on it.

I can also export to PDF without problems.
Is the D: drive truly local to your computer, or is it, too, redirected to some network location “under the hood”?
There might be a font problem. When I try to edit some of your text boxes I get a missing font warning about “Arial-Black”. My system shows a font name that doesn’t contain the hyphen. My system substitutes it apparently with Verdana.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve taken just a block without text and tried to export that without any luck.

As far as the D: drive, I’ll have to consult with my IT expert as I’m not a computer expert.
Will revert back shortly.

Can someone help me please, i have homework on layout but i can’t export my file to pdf
Please i really need quick help.

If the problem is that it’s taking a long time, check File/Document Setup…/Rendering, and see if the override checkbox is checked. Uncheck that and try again.

If what Colin suggests doesn’t get you sorted out, share the LayOut file so we can see it and have some hope of helping you.