Layout 2018 upgrade install and export issues

I have the same issue and have had for several months now. Same as you I have a very similar set up on a PC at work and another at home and its the home one that I have the error on. There are some solutions suggested in the posts below, have you tried them? None of them worked for me but it’s worth a shot.

@daniel.fisher seems to have run through this issue with @DaveR (in the thread below) with the SU team but it doesn’t sound like they have been able to resolve it.

I’ve been experiencing this issue since December but haven’t found a fix, am just having to use file>print>pdf at the moment which is not ideal as there is less control over the output. I’ve started my own thread here as I wasn’t sure if any of the ones above were still active or being looked at.

Hope one of the suggestions in the threads above works for you - if you find any info on this please let me know.


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