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When I send to print, it spins forever and says not responding. WHY?

Could be any number of things.

What happens if you export to PDF? (And then print it…)

What are your document settings for output quality? Rendering in vector or hybrid? How large is the Lo file? How complex the model.

I’m sure if you post the SKP and LO file here someone will be able to help.

Are your LayOut viewports Raster, Hybrid or Vector-rendered? Is the new Output Override turned on (if you are using v.2023)?

This file is 88mg.

Yes lots of Raster cause it needs that rendering.

Still, why would it be so slow for a house design project?

Where do I find the Output Override ?



Screenshot - 10_17_2023 , 12_54_43 PM

Please update your forum profile. It shows you’re using 2020.

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Output Override was checked. I only have rendering in Hybrid where I need it (elevations) otherwise vector mostly.

In updating my profile, the instructions that you had earlier for someone else doesn’t work for me at all to change this, sorry. When I hit D in the circle it gives me all of the questions/answers I had earlier for Forum.

Look down the right side of the list where the various buttons are. Click on the person icon.

It would help if you share the LayOut file. Upload to Dropbox or We Transfer and share the link.

If output override is checked, all the viewports on your file will be converted to Hybrid, not only the ones you need them to be.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Wasted hours today trying to figure out why I could not print or export PDFs!