Where is 3D text option on Sketch Up Shop

I’m new to Sketchup Shop. I used to use the free version. In Sketchup Shop I cannot figure out how to create 3d text? This was an option in the tool bar of the free version. I’m trying to write text onto a surface that will be laser engraved. Please help.

Thank you! By chance, do you know if 3D text will work for embossing with a laser printer?

You can make embossed text as a 3D model in SketchUp. What file type do you need to go to the printer? What kind of printer are you talking about anyway?

Might be worth knowing that with SketchUp Shop you are limited to only a few fonts. If you were using SketchUp Pro you would have access to many more fonts.

With Pro and one of the fonts on my system.

I will be using a glowforge laser cutter to cut out an acylic sign. I want the laser to cut out a 4"x8" rectangular sign, then emboss/engrave letters on the surface. I’m using Tinkercad to convert the the .STL export into a .svg file for the glowforge.

Well, you can export a .stl file from SketchUp Shop. after that I guess it’s all tinkerCAD and Glowforge.