Text emboss effect in SketchUp

Hi there Sketch-up community! This is my question for you: I would like to create an emboss effect for a 3d letter in Sketch-up and I just can’t figure it up. I’ve tried with Round-corners plugin from Fredo, which I found it to be most appropriate, but still it doesn’t look like what I wanted to be. I’m actually trying to reproduce a 3d version of letter “S” as it appears on my avatar picture. What’s your advice on this?

My advice is to provide a skp file showing what you have attempted and to tell us more clearly what you “wanted to be”.

S.skp (936.5 KB)

Ok! I’ve ulpoaded the .skp file and the “how I want it to look like” file. But as one can see the emboss or bevel effect(don’t know how to call it exactly) doesn’t look like the “S” effect I’ve managed to obtain in Photoshop.

One option would be to extrude a shape along the exterior edges of the letter, then intersect and delete the extra geometry:

Soften and smooth and you get something like this:


OR… you can use Soap Skin and Bubble


It would make a nice SUbD.

We’re waiting…

…Sorry, only got my phone and off to bed soon.

Fine… give me a minute…

5 minute SubD:

So… yeah… @pricoky80, there are options…

EDIT: Ok, here it is with a little SubD love and tweaking:


With native tools you could also just use the off-set tool and lift the internal shape:

(but it does need a bit more cleaning up than those plugins)


Thanks a million guys. You just gave me a whole bunch of great ideas of how
to aproach this. Sorry for the late response I’ve just got back from work!
Can’t wait wait to continue working on this! THANKS again, I’ll get back
with the result ASAP!
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Typical daydreamer :yum:

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Hey TheOnlyAaron -

How did you create the S on the left in your SubD examples? I keep trying this technique and only end up with some crazy wonky lines and faces. I’ve tried using 3d text, and also importing a file from AI, and I keep getting the same results. Did you draw the S and extrude the center spline first?

thanks -

Man… You are asking how I modeled an example from a year and a half ago? Umm… Looking at the picture, I would guess that I created the S with 3D Text (with a 0 depth), then manually subdivided it, then used Move to pull the center line upward.

That’s a guess… Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact steps, but that SHOUDL work…

Ha-ha! I didn’t even realize how old this was!!

Gotcha. I’m looking for something that eliminates the “manually subdivided it” part. :slight_smile: How you described it does actually work, but it can be a bit intensive if there’s a sentence, or the letter is complex.

What I’m trying to accomplish is what CNC routing software does automatically. Give it a letter, tell it the angle of bit you’re using, and it creates the bevel with math (tell it the depth, and it works out all of the funky corners). I just wish that software would output the 3d model it came up with!

thanks for the quick reply, and all your advice -