How to engrave emboss with the reference image

How can i emboss the logo like engraving process. I want to engrave on wooden and they need 6mm deep 3d dxf file. Given reference with the image

How can i emboss a vector logo to engrave on the wooden piece and export in dxf file.

Any suggestion or help. Thanks

A simple solution would be using a language pack for SketchUp (if it exists) same as the text, type out the text in 3D, then edit text to match design. SketchUp doesn’t not have this language option - don’t see any relevant extensions either.

What language is it (Arabic)?

What SketchUp version are you using?

Other options include SketchUp extensions such as Thom Thom Bitmap to mesh (would require a lot of photo editing first).

Choices depend on skill level too.

If it is a common saying, you could try to find it already modelled on the 3D Warehouse (including the decorative corners)?

What language is it (Arabic)?
Any language

What SketchUp version are you using?

Any language but the final result must be the image attach.

What level of SketchUp skill do you have?

Not much basic but if you show me steps or share any video i can make my way. Thanks

I still don’t know what version of SketchUp you are using.

I recommend you use SketchUp Pro which then enables the use of the extension called TrueBend.

Go to the SketchUp gallery category and read through the “out of the Box” thread - you will find many useful techniques.

The modelling process would be about creating a triangle tube and modifying it to match the letters.

Another, possibly easier option would be to import an image of your text (possibly downloaded or self created) into SketchUp, then draw around the text with curves and creating contours of the text (2 edges plus a raised centre line) which would then be filled using sandbox tools.
If curves are too difficult, you could try drawing the text freehand at very large scale.

This is my svg
al abrar engraving (7.4 KB)

Design looks nice - can you save it as a .dwg for import to SketchUp Pro?


alab new low.dwg (1.4 MB)

Import .dwg into SU - copy and explode completely - scale down to about 500mm wide - cut and paste onto a rectangle surface, select all>right click intersect with selection. You should now have all your text on an editable surface in SU.
To keep it simple you could just use push/pull tool, otherwise consider using the extension - Cadman>mesh wrapper>establish centerline.

Image showing a push/pull letter and one created with sandbox tools>from contours (I drew the letter centerline manually).

You could also try the offset tool - first divide your letters into parts of consistent thickness - use the offset tool on each area and then join the offsets together (this can create a small flat surface at the top of each letter).