Lettering Templates

Greetings, I’m needing to know if Sketchup or Layout provides me a method to create Lettering Templates. I have a project that I need to place Letters in a specific rectangular space. Each letter is 4.75" sqr. I can’t seem to find a method by which I can place the Letter in a squared area and then scale it the size I need. For instance “Sample Text”, each letter needs to be a scalable size so that I can fit it into a background dimension, such as 46". Then I can apply a specific spacing block.

Do I have to create individual Letters in Paint and import them in as images? Or is there a way in Sketchup to apply a Text Letter to a rectangle and scale the rectangle?

Any suggestions?


You could use 3D text in SU. You can choose font and size, optionally fill it, and/or extrude it to give it thickness.

You can choose to use any font installed on your system, in any size to suit, and choose any style (normal, bold, italics, etc.) supported by the font.

Or if you need to keep the edge count low, you could use the FlatText extension from Extension Warehouse which uses a small range of simple fonts, with no fill and no extrusion.

I’d use 3D text instead of images of letters. You will get scaleable letters that stay crisp using vector rendering, at any size/scale.

Do you have the letters as a font installed on your computer?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.