Text in SketchUp - Not the same in Layout

Why is text in my SketchUp model - a different font when sent to Layout?

SketchUp Vs Layout|473x500

What’s the font?

Comic Sans - comes out as some “other” text in Layout export.
I looked everywhere in the program to see if I can adjust that and I can’t find anything. Even after doing a document update in the Layout “Document Setup” window.

You can’t change text in a Sketchup viewport from LayOut. Can you place text with LayOut’s text tool using Comic Sans? Text added in LayOut tends to look better and is easier to control than text added in SketchUp, anyway.

Hi Dave, Thanks for helping out again :slight_smile:
Yes I know. I do that sometimes when noting up my drawings.
As in the attachment - sometimes I add additional “text” in my dimension lines in SketchUp. For some reason, all the dimensions in SketchUp are showing up as a text not comic sans. I didn’t have this problem in SK 2019 Pro

What happens if you choose a different font in SketchUp for that text? I wonder if it’s something related to that specific font.

Of course you could add the dimensions in LayOut (again better control and better appearance) and you could add the text.

Dave , Here’s another example of how they appear differently.

Yes Dave - I’ve been thinking maybe that as well ?
I’ll give that a try and see it’s the font.
Didn’t happen in SK 2019 - (I’m pretty sure I would have noticed…?)

Just tried changing the font to something noticeably different - and it matched in Layout when I updated the drawing.
Then I changed it back to Comic Sans,… and it changed back to (i think it’s Verdana) again

Is Comic Sans a TTF or OTF file on your computer?

The size difference is a common issue with SU dimensions and text shown in LO. Hence part of the reason for me telling you that text is easier to handle if done in LayOut.

I will take a look. :slight_smile:

Comic Sans Font is a TTF

My guess is that you have set your dimension font size using the “Height” option.This makes it scale with the model instead of showing at the “paper” height

BTW, you really might have brought this on yourself by using ComicSans… Are your drawings meant for under 10-year-olds? :grinning:

Dave, please note,…
Even the dimension line text in SK is not the right font in LO.

Very Funny Anssi,…
That’s not the first time I’ve heard that - ha ha ha.
(It’s easy to read)

You’re probably using a PC computer with Windows (take that):slight_smile:

TTF fonts can be problematic on Macs. They’d rather have OTF fonts.

Yes. The size of the dimension line end features are determined by the font size in SketchUp. Again in LO that’s easier to control because the dimension arrows are controlled in Shape Style and the font size is controlled separately.

FWIW, Windows handles TTF fonts without problem. These are dimensions and text added in SU using Comic Sans.

If you want easy to read you might look at Lexend or Lato.

Dave, Do you have a good source for fonts?

10.8 is nearly 8 years old. Are you still using that with SketchUp Pro 2020? That might be the problem and it won’t be supported on that OS. I did a quick test with Comic Sans on a dimension in SketchUp and it used the same font in Layout. I’ve not heard of problems with TrueType fonts on the Mac. Loads of the ones that come with the OS are TrueType, including Comic Sans.

Have you installed any fonts yourself?

Hi Mc,
Using Sierra now.
I guess I need to update my profile :slight_smile:

Oops Sorry,…
I’m using Catalina (that was a mistake installing eh? :slight_smile: