Dimensions size weird in sketchup2019

Dear all,

I started using SketchUp as an employee, version 2017. Now i am on SketchUp pro 2019 version at my office.
There is a problem i am facing with dimensioning. In 2017 version all was normal. In 2019 version now,
i have to make the text 300% bigger so that, when i export a .jpg to look normal. However this is not very nice since sometimes text goes out of screen. Basically here is an example image with same text size version 2017 which is normal and 2019 which isnt! Any ideas or fixes on this? thx a lot!!!

Text size in SketchUp is pixel based unless you change the text size from Points to Height. If you change it to Height, the text size will be in model space dimensions.
Screenshot - 3_17_2021 , 2_40_16 PM

It would be better to use LayOut to add your dimensions and other text instead of doing this in SketchUp. The text and dimensions will be easier to control because you’ll be working with paper space dimensions for them and they will look better and more professional. You can export a PDF or images of the pages from LayOut.

Dear Dave,
Thank you for your immediate answer but you dont answer to my problem.

Same setup of dimensioning both in 2017 & 2019 version of SketchUp different outcome as you see form the image link. I know about layout and being professional however i have projects which i need quick and draft jpgs to be sent to partners like this one on the link. Is there a solution to this? Thx again

The versions are different, years apart, they handle graphics differently. Monitor resolution is increasing dramatically, most computers are pushing 4k many 5k monitors, millions more pixels. Graphics drivers are evolving to keep up. Dave explained the way to easily adjust the size of text. There is not another answer other than reverting to using 17.

Hello and thank you for your answer. You really believe that all the above are to blame for different
“viewing” of the same font, the same camera angle zoom, but different SketchUp version? :frowning:
Next week i ll upgrade to SketchUp pro 2020, so i will check it again. And may respond if things are different, but thx again for your answers.