Layout font issues

Hi there, I am new to using Layout (and this forum!) but have been a Sketchup Pro user for years.

I have recently started draughting kitchens for a designer. I draw them up and send them to her to adjust the notes. We have only done one project so far, and the issue we have is that the fonts throw out when I send her the Layout files, even though they are the same font type and size. They look fine on my computer, however when she opens them on hers the text doesn’t fit into the text box anymore and they all have to be adjusted. The way we got round this on the last project was for me to send it to her as a PDF so she can mark it up and then send any changes needed back to me to make, however this was quite time consuming. The only thing I can think of that could be causing this is that I use Windows and she uses Mac.

Has anyone else come across this issue and are there any suggestions as to how I could fix it? Thanks

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp and LayOut on Windows. And your designer is using Mac. It’s not uncommon to see fonts in the same LO project displayed differently between the two platforms and it has to do with the different ways the two operating systems render text. What font are you using?

I think that the PDF markup thing is the best option or one of you would need to change operating systems.

Hi Dave. Yes I use Windows and the designer I send the file to uses Mac which I am guessing is the cause of the issue. We are using Calibri Light regular

Yes. Sorry. I wasn’t clear in my previous post. The operating system difference is the problem. It doesn’t happen with the PDFs because the PDF reader renders the text. (Simple way to explain it.)

I used to use SketchUp and LayOut on both Windows and Mac and thought I would go back and forth but due to the way the two operating systems handle text, it was more work to sort out than it was worth. I’ve since retired my old MBP for other reasons and gone to just using Windows.

Ok, yes I understand that. Seems like sticking with the PDFs is the best way to go just for the time being. Thanks for your help Dave

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It is probably the easiest thing to do. With time you two might find things that allow you to reduce the amount of text editing that is required. I’ve found that to be the case with a number of my clients.

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Yes probably, like I said it was the first project we have done together so we’ve hopefully got a bit of a template now for future projects which will save a bit of time

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Hey @DaveR i’m tyring to use Hebrew fonts with SketchUp Layout. and when i export my layout to a PDF file - all the texts shows in reverse…
is it possible to use RTL with sketchup layout?
what font should i use?

There have been some other reports of reversed text with certain fonts. I don’t recall at the moment what the fix is or if there is one. I’ll see if I can find something on it.

Hey @dave thanks a lot,
I’ll be waiting

Unfortunately I haven’t found it yet. I did try reproducing it. LO below, PDF on top.

I wonder if @adam might have some insight.

Hey @DaveR, It works just fine if i print it with a virtual adobe-pdf printer…
but would be nice if it will work with a the export command…

We have never officially supported right-to-left text, but we do have a long-standing bug written up to fix this PDF export as it seems like the only place where RTL text actually causes problems. I have brought this issue back up to our PMs for re-prioritization.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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