Layout exporting issues

Continuing the discussion from 2021 Layout PDF Export. 'There was a problem exporting to this file':

In my case, I recently figured out that the problem there is the use of font styles. Try changing your fonts. It might give you some help to fix the problem.

What font was causing you problems? One that has been identified in the past is Bahnschrift which evidently Adobe Acrobat didn’t support although that may have changed.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says ‘2.7.1’ and LayOut wasn’t available then. What operating system?

Hi! My bad, I just clicked the version for no reason, but actually I’m using the updated version, of course. And yes, so far, the font that is causing me problems is “romantico” and those fonts that look paler than the other fonts there. I am using Layout 2021 and do have the operating system Windows 10…

Please correct your profile with the right information.

Can you share a LayOut file with the font(s) that’s causing problems?

Is this the Romantico font you are using?

I installed that font and made a quick sample LO file which exported to PDF without problems.

Hi! Recently, I found the real issue there. Actually, there are many of them. I have observed that those font styles in the tab that are followed by letters like “ABCDE” has real issues.
So far, I found the following fonts that cause errors:
and those fonts I encircled on thefrom the picture above.

The only ones I have that show sample text after the name were used to make the following. No problem with any of those in making a PDF export. The first one is Technic.

Make a LayOut file that fails to export as a PDF using those fonts and uppload it here so we can try it.