PDF export issue - Fonts exporting as Arial

I have layout version 21.1.299 installed on 2 machines.
Since updating to this version my fonts aren’t exporting to PDF and are changed to Arial.
This is now happening on both machines.
The only work around is to open the layout file in 2020 and export from there.
This makes paying for a subscription pointless. There is no point to using layout 2021 as it stands.
Is this a known issue?
Is there a way to apply for a refund on the subscription whilst layout 2021 isn’t working properly?

Are the fonts resident on the computer? What fonts are they?

The fonts are stored on my computer.
I’ve attached some pics which show whats happening.
Layout 2021 PDF export was working fine until I updated it to 2021.1.299. This has happened on 2 different machines.
I’ve adjusted the tracking on these fonts creating my own versions. (Something that should be able to do with-in Layout anyway!) Saved them both as TrueType and OpenType. Still the same happens with the top font.
Something has changed in the recent update causing this error.
I saw people were having trouble related to PDF exports and using Tab. Has that issue been resolved?

Any chance you have TAB characters between each of your letters?

If so, change them to spaces (multiple)

No, I used to do this, manually put spaces between the characters but this was clunky and time consuming so I edited some fonts to have a greater width.
Most other drafting software allows you to set character spacing or tracking, but hey not with Layout.

Again, what are the fonts.

The Tab issue is supposed to be fixed soon.

You could also make the underscore glyph invisible so it just has the wider space. Still reads as a standard character then.

I_t d_o_e_s m_e_a_n w_r_i_t_i_n_g l_i_k_e t_h_i_s but that snot too hard.

Find & Replace would be good for LayOut because we could insert a character eg a ] and then change it all to three space characters.