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Hello, new user from Alberta here. Right off the top, I am not an engineer or a draftsman in any capacity, so this isn’t exactly my line of work. I am using Sketchup to design several future homes for myself, as well as an off-grid log cabin.

I am coming up on my self imposed deadline for a project. I am very close to completing my detailed construction plans, however I am running into a snag. Throughout my project, I was not careful to use the same font family between notes and dimensions. Now, I would like to change every font to the same family to streamline my documents. However, when I select all the fonts and change to family, it changes the size as well. I have quite a few different sizes based on pages, different drawings on pages, different notes, etc.

Is there a way to change only the font family and not the size etc? I would love some help here. Thanks in advance. MacBook Air M1, 2021 with Sketchup Pro 2021

Did you separate the dimensions and the other text onto their own layers in LayOut? If so, you can lock, say, all of the layers except for Dimensions and then select only the dimensions to change.

On the PC this is actually easier because font and font size are separate.

What font are you wanting to use? If I have it on my PC, I could probably make the change for you if you share the LO file.

Hey Dave, I did not start with Layers. I realized about 3/4 of the way through I should have done that, but was reserving that for my next document due to laziness.

Is there a way I can send you the document? I would appreciate that very much. Looking to use Verdana, but if unavailable I think Times New Roman is pretty universal and acceptable.

A good example where laziness up front makes more work later. :wink:

I’m guessing your LO file is too large to upload directly here but you could uploads it to DropBox and share the link. If it contains sensitive information like your address, phone number, or credit card info, send the file or link to me privately by clicking on my name at the top of this post and then Message. I won’t share that information with others.

I do have Verdana.

Okay, I will post link in a bit. Have to get some dropbox space cleared up first. Thanks Dave. I am a beginner, so didn’t realize layers was a thing until after I started. Should have watched a few more tutorials :smirk:

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3.4.1 Layout.layout (2.4 MB)

Let me know if you can see that. It appears to have worked on an upload

I’ve got it and I’m working on it.

OK. Here you go. The only thing I did was change the font on every page to Verdana. I didn’t touch text sizes or anything else.
3.4.1 Layout all Verdana.layout (2.3 MB)

Thanks so much Dave. I appreciate the help. Good to know that the desktop has different controls in case I screw it up again. I am sure I can track one down if needed again. Have a great day!

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