How do I alter the default font size


I’ve created some plans with Sketchup 7 (I think it’s 7) and I’ve just discovered that I can change the font size on my dimensions. Is there any way I can alter the default so that I don’t have to alter every single entry?
It would be great if I could do it for any future dimensions but it would be even better if there’s a way to alter the ones I’ve already done.

Modifying leader text through the Ruby API

You can create a template file with the desired font size.

You can change the settings for all already created dimensions in the current model here: window -> model info
(I don’t have an english screenshot at the moment…)


“Default” is generally taken as applying “from now on.” You can set a default font by setting the font size on a new file–font sizes, really, since there is a separate font setting for Leader text, Screen text, and Dimension text (Model Info > Dimensions and Model Info > Text) and then saving the file as a template. While you’re at it, you should systematically go through all the per model settings and incorporate your preferences into the same template.

As for existing text, you can select some or all of them and mass-update the font settings to the current choices in the same places where you select the default.

Read this article: What are templates and how do I change the default template?




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Thanks, I’ll give it a go for any new drawings but, on my existing drawings, I realised that I could select all my existing text and alter it all in one go but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to alter the font size for any further dimensions that I put onto my existing drawing.




Look at Window->Model Info->Dimensions. That’s where you set the default font and size for subsequent dimensions in the model. As the others have noted, to make this carry over to other new models you need to edit your template.


Once you change one of the font settings, your new choice stays in effect (for additions to the same model) for that kind of text object (i.e., leader, screen, or dimension text) until you change it again. You can change it a hundred times, if you like. Your font settings are saved with the model, so if you saved the model after changing font preferences, the saved preferences will remain in effect for the following session for that model.



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