How to SET Font size-on DIMENSIONS? [SU 16]

They’re not readable, as is …

Model Info>Dimensions

Thanks, Boswell …

Additionally Dave…after you once DIVIDE a Ln … can you return, later, and make it CONTINUOUS?

[So, you can then Divide the complete Len, a revised step.]

Yes, either with a plugin or:


This answer is not working for me- I reset font size in the Model Info-Dimensions dialogue box but they still display in 12 point. What am I missing?

Did you select the dimensions and update them after setting the size?

Your screenshot shows a dimension has been selected but you’re chaging Screen Text. They aren’t the same. To change the size of the dimension text go into Dimensions and do it there.

Hi Dave R: There is no obvious way to update- where in the sketchup interface do I find this?

Under Dimensions.

Change the font size there, and choose Update Selected Dimensions.

Are you using LayOut for your documentation?

No, just viewing it in sketchup Making a screen shot to send to vendor. I see the update button and selected it after entering new font size, but it has no effect on the model.

You’re looking in Dimensions, correct? And you’ve selected all of the dimensions first?


Send me your file in a private message so I can see what you’ve got going on. There’s a step you’re missing or something you haven’t shared about the file.

Hi Dave - sorry I am largely self taught on SU, how do I private message you? I don’t see that on the UI either. I have to leave for a vendor meeting just now will pick it up in an hour or two.

Click on my name at the top of this reply and then the Message button.

Dave and SLBaumgartner- Ha- that is just what I needed thanks so much for the leg up!