How do I set dimension text font and size as template?

Having trouble figuring out how to set a font and text size as a template for whenever I snap dimensions on layout. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Select the Dimension tool. Then in the Window menu, click on Fonts. Set the size and font you want to use.To make sure it looks the way you want, put a dimension on the page. If you want to change the arrow heads or other features about the dimension lines, change them in Shape Style (if you want to edit the dimension you put on the page, make sure it is selected before changing it. In Dimension Style, set the units, precision and position of the dimension text. Once you have things set like you want them, click on File>Save as template. Give it a name and hit Save. Next time, when you start a new file, select that template.

If you are creating a new template, this is a good time to set the paper size/orientation, set the font for other text and labels as well as leader style. Add suitable layers for the types of entities (SketchUp viewports, dimensions, text, etc.), additional pages, borders, title blocks, logos, page numbers, etc.