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I have been working in a project for a while now and the layout file is completed. now that i have opened in another computer, all the font in layout is strange. it looks like a complete different language. i try to change the font, but any font i pick still shows this alien font. when i pick Flux Architect all the letters are shown as squares and? symbols or any other font.

if i start writing from scratch, i can see the correct font or at least a readable font, but the font that came already in the drawings cannot be changed.

i can’t spend hours replacing every single text. how do i change the font in the existing file to a readable font? please help!!



Is this in SketchUp or in LayOut?

There’s a thread on this subject. See

Probably the best thing at this point is to use a different font. There are better, more complete font sets available.



Hi Dave, I have seen that thread but it doesn’t apply to my issue. I can’t change the font to anything readable.
it comes in as completely strange font. I click on the text and try picking another font, nothing replaces the font.
as if the change is not happening. it is not readable.



that’s what it looks like.



So this is LayOut. Not SketchUp. I’ll move it.

Can you share the LO file so we can have a look at it?



Thank you. yes Layout.
what is a LO file and how do I share this with you.



It’s the file you created when you hit Save in LayOut. LO is the abbreviation for LayOut.



How do I send this to you.
I click on your name and message
but it is saying the file is too big to upload. any other way?



Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.



Ok Dave, I sent to you in your message.



Downloading it now.



Strangely, it appears it is the labels that are messed up. I dug into the file and can see that the text has gotten corrupted for the labels. @Marc pointed out in that other thread that Flux Architect doesn’t work well with labels. I was hoping the text would be readable in the file but they don’t appear to be.

Can you go back to the original file on the other computer and change the font for all the labels to something like Arial or Verdana and resave it? Then send that to your other computer and see what you get.

It could have also been that the transporter scrambled the atoms and didn’t put them back together again correctly.



unfortunately not. the other computer crashed! it is actually the same computer but I had to backup everything, reset the whole computer. I tried opening in my coworkers computer that is a Mac and it showed the same thing. I thought it was because of the Mac, but now the computer is running again and the font is not showing. I guess the only way to be to re enter every text again… this is so painful. thank you for trying to help.



I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help more. I was hoping the text would be retrievable but alas, no.

I would suggest that as you are reworking the file, that you choose a different font since Flux Architect is known to be problematic.

Best wishes. I hope it goes quickly.



Wow @paulaacti, I feel your pain here. I encountered this problem in the early stage of developing condocs for a new project a while ago. I was using the Flux Architect font too.

Ultimately, all of the font in the SU model was replaced with another font, HeavyHand Bold, which is similar to Flux Architect and emulates architectural freehand lettering. That font is free of cost but is not shipped with SU, and may be downloaded from HERE. I have seen no issues with using this font with LayOut and I now include the HeavyHand Bold font in my SU startup template for convenience.



That’s okay. it happens. I am on it changing everything! Thank you.



Thank you for the suggestion! I installed. it look very much like Flux. Arch. Thank you.


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