Flux Architect- font not working in Layout

Well, I “upgraded” my perpetual licence instead of the subscription con, which means… thanks for your money sucker, you get no support. Gee, thanks a bunch Trimble.

I’ve used the brilliant font Flux Architect in AutoCAD and many LO versions (Even Trimble promo material uses Flux Architect) and never had a problem… but now all characters display as boxes when editing- the only workaround is to edit in another font, then switch back to Flux Architect to display correctly.

Is there a cure for this problem that never occured untl the supscription model was released, or is the Trimble answer “Buy a subscription” to get Support that I thought I paid for but didn’t get?

This is an old thing. Flux Architect is a poorly made hobbyist-made font. It isn’t new in LO2021. Others have reported issues with it in earlier versions of LayOut (search for it in the forum search feature) and it’s apparently been problematic in some other applications. I used a font editor a while back and tried to repair the font. I had limited success with it but it’s not fully right still.

And as @DaveR says there are several other threads about this, including a list of alternative free ttf that offer similar results to Flux…
In this thread I listed 10 free alternatives and 4 paid fonts…
Flux Architect Font Stopped Working in Layout

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