Flux Architect Font Stopped Working in Layout


I have been using Flux Architect as my font for submittal drawings in Layout since January. This past week, when I start typing text on my Layout drawing, all that shows up are a series of boxes.

Once I click out of the text window, the text is readable / normal. If I click to go back in and edit the text, it is boxes again.

Any thoughts?

Fonts not showing correctly

I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve been using the Flux Architect font for years and this has been happening for maybe a little less than a year. It is extremely frustrating because you can’t see what you’ve typed until you exit out of the text box. Doesn’t seem to happen with any other font. Any ideas would be great! Thanks.


If the Flux font a TTF font ?
e.g. http://www.dafont.com/flux.font


Have you tried uninstalling the font and re-installing it back?


Hi Steve,

Long time.

I see the issue, too. Flux Architect is a TTF font. It works SU2017 handles it fine but LayOut does not.

I don’t think reinstalling the font will have any impact.


To make it even more strange, the Flux font works fine in the Layout title blocks.

Would love to find out why.


That is strange. I only tried it in a new text box on a blank page.

I wonder if it has to do with font size selection.


Thanks for the reply Dave. The weird thing is that it worked fine for many years and then it just decided to not play nice one day. Hmm…


I wonder if @Marc has any thoughts.


Hi all-

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been out of town and super busy.

During text edit, LayOut relies on the OS to properly render the font. Outside of text edit, LayOut is doing the font rendering itself. So, I’m not entirely surprised to find out that there is a different behavior there.

We’ll have to do some investigation on our end to see what’s going on. I’ll file an issue and ask Trent to take a look.




I am having the same issue with 2017. Was there a fix to getting FluxArchitect font to work?


I deleted the architect.tff fonts that weren’t working and downloaded another version of the flux architect fonts. All the text is !!! and ??? Still doesn’t work. i’ve got 9 months of work and All of my construction drawings and notes are now unusable. Help!!! I .


Are you serious? Is your whole business truly based on an obscure hobbyist-created freeware font? Why don’t you just switch the font?


Although the ttf ‘Flux Architect’ works in v2017 SketchUp it fails in Layout.
But there are several similar fonts, like ‘Architect’ and ‘Architects Daughter’…

If you want an architectural font that’s all caps [even for lowercase characters] then I don’t know of any free ones which I consider to look acceptable; and there are only a few low cost paid possibilities ?

Free [can’t guarantee these all work as ttf in Layout !] :-


But writing everything in caps looks very ‘SHOUTY’ anyway !
Also using a hand-font can look naff if it is not one of the better ones…

You need to do some of your own searching…
There are zillions of possible substitute fonts - depending on what you want/need…


Now that the world is full of easy to read fonts and the whole gamut of typography is available for every computer user, why should we insist of imitating poorly hand-drawn lettering in our projects? It is not the lettering that people should be looking at but the design and the contents.


But… you are arguing to take away a significant aspect of the artistic element from an architect’s drawings :wink:!


But… a designer must choose an appropriate method of expressing their design - hopefully in a clear, concise and pleasing manner.

My point was that there are many ‘hand-drawn’ ttf fonts - some are much better than others.
There are fewer of these that are ‘all-caps’ fonts…
Unfortunately a few seem to have issues with Layout !

The OP needs to do further research and choose a font that will reflect what they wish to convey to heir clients and end-users of their information.

Using all caps can appear ‘shouty’ and unrefined.
A hand-font can be fine… it it’s not too sketchy…

I think that “Architect’s Daughter” might be what he needs to consider ?
It’s free, and only a few $ for commercial use…
Especially if he won’t shell out a few dollars more on something else…


Looking at the character set for “Architect’s Daughter”, I think that it should behave better than Flux Architect. One of several issues LayOut has with Flux Architect is that it’s missing the characters that we use for Auto-Text. Specifically the “less than” and “greater than” symbols <>. I don’t have any personal experience with that font, though.