Importing font styles

I imported Flux onto my computer. When I use MS Word it works like any other font, as you type the letters appear. However, not so in Layout 2018 - I get little boxes, and when I exit, text appears. How can I imbed the font so it works like any other?

Flux Architect is a non-standard amateur made font. While it does seem to be usable in some applications, it doesn’t play well with others. LayOut is one of them. You could get a font editor such as Font Forge and fix it (I started on that but decided it wasn’t worth my time.) But there are lots of better fonts available that play nicely and have a more extensive set of glyphs.

I liked the look of it, and I have seen it on auto cad plans, so I down loaded it. I guess the question I should be asking is, what auto cad font is flux architect copying? And where can I get it?


Try internet search, seems to be widespread and not limited to private use

I have downloaded it from somewhere (??) but not used it so do not know if the issue you had with Flux Capacitor also applies

Yes. The problem is about its quality. It may, for instance, lead to failing PDF export from LayOut.

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Darned autocorrect. Flux Architect is the poorly made amateur font.

Thanks for the comment/advise/warning
Can you do anything to check on somethng like that?

Flux Architect (3.3 MB)
Here is a version of that font that works for me in Layout 2022

Make sure to remove the old ones

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There is an additional pdf file in it. Is that intentional?
A font itself is only 12.9KB size.

No, that was just the zip as I found it :man_shrugging:

When I looked online it said it’s been around since 2008 and has some 200 + thousand downloads. I’m curious why you think it’s an amateur font. In the 10 or 15 minutes I spent this morning with the online I didn’t see any comments of that nature.

What I liked, was it reminds me a lot of hand lettering that was done pre- cad, especially by my friend who did drafting from me.

And like I said I’ve seen multiple cad plans done in that front, so I assumed it was a standard AutoCAD font.

I’ll download it tonight and see if it works any better than the one I have. Thanks. G

No, it prints just fine it’s just the weirdness of when you type you see square boxes and then when you exit the text appears.

Maybe it’s not a true type font, and that’s the issue.

I would like to get a font that looks a lot like old school hand lettering that was done on plans before cad.


I didn’t have any problem printing a document, but I’ll check and see if there’s a PDF problem when I get home from work.

Previous discussions about the topic, with font alternatives:

(sorry, I am a typography addict)

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Well, I ain’t the only one. I guess there’s comfort in that. Sigh. G

That worked!!! It’s a true type font. Thanks. G

Flux Architect (3.3 MB)
Here is a version of that font that works for me in Layout 2022

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Frank The Architect is a free font that works well with any application and it looks similar to Flux.

The issues with the font Flux ttf were discussed some years ago and I gave a list of potential ‘caps’ alternatives, there are of course several others - I think Architect & Architects Daughter are good…
See here… Flux Architect Font Stopped Working in Layout - #14 by TIG

There was one I really liked but I can’t find it. I wish I had written it down, but I was on a flux hunt. Here’s some others: