Unseen text while editing

Is there any way to fix this? Only when I have Flux Architect Font chosen and I’m attempting to edit the contents it shows a bunch of squares where the text is. It doesn’t do this on all fonts, unfortunately it does it on the font I want to use. This only happens with this font during edit.

I’m afraid of what replies I’ll get to this. Hopefully it’s not “use a different font”.

That’s common with that font. It’s a poorly constructed one and the general advice is to not use it. There are many other options besides Flux Architect available.

Do a search for Flux Architect here on the forum and you’ll see this is a long time thing. That font needs a bunch of love but it hasn’t got it from the author. It’s also very limited in the available glyphs.

Thanks for the reply Dave! I had a feeling that was the case. You mentioned “graphite”?

Sorry. Never mind that last reply. I see you edited your reply.

Yeah. I wrote Graphite to start but realized that’s not the font. Graphite is a better choice.

I’ve also tried Architects Daughter and Architext. However, the number in which those two fonts use are very difficult to read and the " symbol can be hard to read.

Thanks again for your reply and knowledge.

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You’re welcome. Tekton Pro is a good option. You might check it out.