Text changing to random characters

Hey all,

I was working from home yesterday on a layout file and I am now having issues with it back at the office. My home machine is a Windows machine and my office machine is a Mac. Basically what I did yesterday was a bunch of text editing at home, then emailed the file back to myself, grabbed it out of my email at the office and opened it up. Now all of the text that I edited is total nonsense. Any ideas? Both machines have the same font loaded (Flux).

It’s all Greek to me… (English in a Greek font)
To be serious: it seems that your systems have performed some kind of font substitution. Have you tried selecting all text and changing the font (looks very much like Arial to me) back to something else.

The Flux font has a reputation of causing problems, but things between Mac and PC may be causing these by themselves.

If fiddling around with fonts doesn’t help, post the LayOut file if you can.

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Thats initially what I thought as well. Tried to assign a different font and no dice. The characters themselves have actually been changed to what you see.

The text in your screenshot has been switched to a greek font (Relocate chimney… Asphalt shingles…)

In old times fighting with “codepages” was often needed when transferring any text from Mac to PC.
@adam , is this common? Is this yet another idiosyncrasy of the Flux font?

Looking at it further it is just the text on the labels. There are some other text box issues but its just replaced with another font. So something with how the labels are handled has caused the issue. Also the fact that despite having flux on both machines, it didn’t come along for the ride.

Wild, hi Phil-JGD would you be able to share the file.
We had a similar issue that was fixed with the 2022.0.1 release that I would like to see if it might be related.


The file is too large to upload, I could grab a page and throw it into another doc. Would that work?

It probably would. Better to use a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and share a link to the whole of the problem file.

If it’s commercially sensitive sent the link via a Private Message to Trent (click on his avatar, then choose ‘Message’) rather than post it in the public forum

sent you a direct message