Layout Font Issue

We just upgraded to Sketchup 2022 and are experiencing an issue with the font in our Layout files. When a LO file is opened, the font is much larger than the original file and gets cut off. Another SU 2022 user running Windows 11 opened the file and there were no font issues.

Is there a fix to this for us, to avoid having to re-configure all of our text boxes/files?

The font is a non-standard Windows font called Texta Alt Book.

I went out to find and install Texta Alt to have a look at it. It does seem to be normally smaller than the common fonts I compared it to.

What are the chances that Text Alt isn’t actually resident in the system fonts on the computer where you are having this problem?

I appreciate your quick reply! I am not sure what you mean by resident in the system fonts- if I go to my font settings, Texta Alt is listed there with its 16 font faces. It also is present in the LO Text Style Family list.

Could it be that the outside computer, running Windows 11 is using a different font download? Would it be helpful to try to re-install the font package? I have attached a photo of the issue as it shows in LO.

sample font issue
Opening this same LO file on a separate computer shows all the text within the confines of the boxes.

LayOut gets fonts from the system fonts. If they are showing as you indicate they will be in the system fonts folder.

It is possible the Windows 11 machine has a different font. I found both free and commercial fonts called Texta. I downloaded the free one but it could be the other computer has the commercial one instead.

What happens if you double click on that text box with the enlarged text. Do you get a message regarding font substitution?

Can you share a LayOut file that is showing this?

That is definitely a possibility- we could try to re-install the fonts on both computers using the same download.

No font substitution message when you click into the text box- it just takes you into edit mode, though it does seem to change size when you are in editing mode. (See attached photos, notice the line of the page in relation to the text content)

The file exceeds the attachment limit- is there another way to share?

attached second photo

I guess reinstalling to make sure it’s the same font won’t hurt.

Is the text an inserted .rtf file?

It is possible- we inherited this file and the original owner could have used Bluebeam or Word to type out the text and then pasted it into LO. Would that cause these kind of issues?

Maybe. Hard to say.

What happens if you copy the text from the text box and paste it into Word? Does it show up with the right font and size? And if you save that as a .rtf file does it insert back into the LayOut file with the right size?

No change to the text if I save as an .rtf and re-insert into LO.

Weird. Can you share the LO file?

Hmm, I tried to send via email but it looks like I got an error message. Did you receive the link to the file?

It doesn’t work to e-mail to the forum. You can upload it directly or send it in a private message by clicking on my name. Or if the file is too large upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

We use Google Drive instead of Dropbox- does this work for you?

I expect so. Downloading now.

Was any of this work done on a Mac?

On an unrelated note it would be a good idea to get everyone into correct tag usage. Here I’ve fixed that in the SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 3_31_2022 , 6_04_25 PM

And purging unused stuff would be a good thing, too.
Screenshot - 3_31_2022 , 6_06_00 PM

This reduced the SketchUp file size by almost 96%.

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I can find out if the file was opened on a Mac previously- I am not sure.

Can you point me in the direction of some articles on the Tag usage and purging unused items? I am unfamiliar with these functions.


There is or at least was a thing with text and going between Mac and Windows. Both systems handle line spacing differently. Text created on one platform wouldn’t show correctly on the other. Years ago I used a MacBook Pro for my portable computer while I use a PC for my desktop machine. I found I couldn’t go back and forth with LayOut projects because of this text issue.

In your LO file some of the text boxes show the line spacing issue and the red arrows indicating the text runs beyond the borders of the text box while other text boxes don’t. That makes me wonder if some was created on Mac and some on Windows.

Tag usage: Here is the page from the Help files on Tags. The key phrase in regards to what I was describing is this:

By default, any new raw geometry you create has the ‘Untagged’ tag. Before assigning tags, make sure you understand the process of making groups and components. Your models will be much more predictable if you refrain from assigning tags to entities like edges or faces, or changing the active tag.

As for purging unused stuff, see: Improving Performance | SketchUp Help

The key with that is to remember that removing components and/or materials from the model space does not eliminate them from the model file. Nor does exploding components in the model space. Deleting a component from the model space is like dragging the couch out of your living room and stuffing it in the attic. It gets it out of the living room but doesn’t get it off your property. If you keep dumping furniture in the attic, pretty soon the ceiling will cave in and you’ll have all sorts of trouble. In SketchUp that can result in your model becoming unresponsive.

Thanks for the information on tags and purging items- this will be quite useful, especially when working on shared files.

I wasn’t able to confirm if the file was edited on Mac previously, though it is likely that text was written in word or another program and copy/pasted into LO. Do you think there is any way to fix this issue? It is still confusing to me that another computer running Windows was able to open the file with no text issues.