Getting crazy images when typing text into LayOut

When typing text into my LayOut document, individual letters are replaced by emojis that replace each letter – I have tried everything besides flushing my computer down the toilet to cure this problem. Any ideas?

What font have you selected? Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are getting.

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2020 as in your profile?

My current version is 2023. How do I go about sharing the file?

Please update your forum profile.

If it’s less than 16 Mb drag and drop it into a reply. If it’s larger that that, upload it to Drop Box or We Transfer and share the link.

OK It’s a practice file.
Practice File.layout (8.9 KB)

Well, you have Webdings selected as the font for that textbox.

Changing the font to Verdana shows this.

You’ve also chosen to have Underscore and Strickethrough enabled (first two buttons in the Font window of Text Style. Turning them off sets the text box to look like this:

Please fix your forum profile.

Thanks Dave R. Such a simple solution. Embarrassing. Right now I’m floating on a ship in the South Pacific off the islands that comprise the Tahiti atoll. I was afraid you were going to tell me it was a problem with data transfer south of the equator and I’d have to wait until my return to North America before I could go any further (tic). Thanks again.

Well, in that case I would have expected the text reading backwards. :crazy_face:

Fortunately it was simple pilot error. Leave SketchUp and LayOut alone and go enjoy the South Pacific.

:rofl: cheers