Layout 2021 and Fonts

Hello All,

We’re starting to transition to Layout and out of InDesign for our documentation. I’m somewhat familiar with the way SketchUp works with regards to saving default settings in the registry. However I’m finding that Layout does not seem to do that. No matter how many times I create templates or save files to try and lock in settings, Layout will always default to Verdana.

An example of this is when I’m typing in Gotham, or editing a textbox in Gotham, I will backspace completely and then it will type in Verdana instead with a different point size and weight. My way around this is to Ctrl+A the whole text box and then start typing instead because that keeps the Gotham settings the same.

Anyone have any tips on forcing Layout to recognize the pre-existing text in a textbox? Gotham is the only font I will use because it’s the font our company uses. But Verdana sneaks in there all the time.



It sounds to me as if you haven’t actually changed the font for the tools. Setting fonts and other things in LayOut need to be done while the tool is active. For example, to set the font for labels, select the Label tool first. Then choose the font. This font selection should remain for all labels created in that document going forward until you change it.

when I create a new template for LayOut I start by setting the paper size, then I set out example text, label, and dimension entities and edit them to set the font, text size and, in the case of labels and dimensions, the style of arrows and weight of lines. After that I get the appropriate tools again, type s, and sample my edited entites and place new samples to make sure they look the way I want them to. Then I delete the entities and save the template.

The font choices are then saved as part of the template file which is just a LayOut file.

Do make sure that SketchUp and LayOut were installed correctly. That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

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I think I’ve figured it out. I understand how the active session saves your settings, and once you set your font/shape styles it will use those settings moving forward. However when I start a new session of Layout, it will default back to Verdana and then if I don’t manually set it all over again, any editing of text boxes or dims will switch to Verdana if I don’t first select all the text in a given text box. If I backspace through a word and retype it then the font will switch to Verdana. If I select it and replace/type it the font will remain the same.

If you start a new session using one of the original templates, yes, of course it will use Verdana because that’s the font that was set for that template. If you don’t want to use Verdana, make your own template with the font you do want to use.

Every time you start a new project in LayOut you have to start with a template just as you do in SketchUp. If you use one of the supplied templates you get the supplied settings.

I have my own templates made up, and I’m still having some font issues in 2021.1.299 that I didn’t have before.

Off to the side of my paper I have some text boxes that I just place in my Layout Drawings - sort of like my scrapbooks.
On my template, the bottom line for all 3 textboxes says “White”.
On the top text box, I backspaced and typed “Brown” and the font is changed.
This method worked well in previous versions, but now it’s not working

I just pulled a similar text box from my Scrapbooks, and when I hit the Enter button after the existing words, I get the default font.
image ----->image

It has perplexed me, and I’d be grateful to hear a solution!

Share the template file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

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I’m curious about how these text boxes were created. Strangely when they are selected, they show that the font is supposed to be 11 pt. Arial but it isn’t. It’s 8 pt. Verdana.

I can see that when I replace text in your text boxes on the side, the new text is shown in Arial but I can’t duplicate that with a new text box in your file or in a different LO file.

The rest of the text on the page is labeled as Verdana and that’s the font you have set up for Text, Labels, and Dimensions. Is that the font you want?

Poking around a little more I found that the name and address also shows Verdana but is identified as Arial. Weird.

By the way, looking further into your template, I see you have a whole lot of unused references including several SketchUp files.

Purging the file leaves only the image for the company logo.

I’m guessing you created the template from a project file by simply deleting the viewports and other content from the page.

Hmmm… it’s been several years ago that I did this, but I believe this was the process:

  1. I work with a team of draftsmen, and one of them created the scrapbooks - probably around 2016, 2017.
  2. I got tired of the scrapbooks being too small, so I took each item that I wanted for this page and placed them beside my paper. Our models/drawings are not complex so I didn’t fear having too much data in each file. These text boxes are closer to where I want to place them now - less mouse movement.
  3. Each update they worked until this last one…

Yes, the second post was simply a purged version.

Something somewhere got corrupted. There’s some other messy stuff in your template, too. I’m in the process of fixing it and will come back to it after I run an errand.

I didn’t see that you had replaced the file.

That’s fine, I hadn’t thought of purging it until after I had posted the first one, and you were quick enough to catch the first one!

Out of curiosity, what font do you really want to use in your projects?

Verdana, Bold, 8 pt for those text boxes beside the paper,
Verdana, Bold, 11 pt for the Job Name/Site Address box

(post deleted by author)

Thanks Dave,

I only shared 1 page of my Main Template that would give an example of the font issue. There are more pages to my Main Template, and when I “Send to Layout” from Sketchup, it first appears on another page. Then I copy/paste it onto the other pages and change the Scenes that I set up in SketchUp to reflect the view that I need.

The extra Layers you see were used on other pages, and they toggled visibility for lines/text boxes created in Layout. We draft several buildings a day, and each one is unique so we toggle the correct notes to fit the building rather than type out each one.

Yes, the content in our scrapbook for this specific page completely covers an 8-1/2x11 page, and it is full!

Thanks again!

The content could be split across multiple smaller pages.

Yes, while that may be true, we intentionally chose to do it our way, and it’s working fine for us. Some of us on our team use the scrapbooks, and some use the text boxes, etc. from beside the page. That’s the beauty of SketchUp - we all find our own workflow.