Saving/creating default fonts

How can I set the font I always use as my default font? It keeps changing back to verdana
Thank you

Once you change the font, get the appropriate tool (Text, Label, or Dimension), hit S and sample the modified text. Or select the tool and make the settings before you start adding text entities.

Thanks. I am selecting the tool and setting the font. But I have to change it back almost each time I label or apply text. I’m not sure the process for sampling. Just hit the letter S when I create text? I tried using the ‘dropper’ to click on the text, then clicking the icon on the menu bar. It seems to work for a while, but always reverts to verdana.

After you have created and modified a text entity, get the text tool again, hit S and sample the text. This will make the settings match what you did to that text. The dropper tool on the toolbar is used to sample a style for one entity and apply it to other existing entities.

If you make the settings while the tool is active or you sample the edited text while the Text tool is active, those settings will remain for that project until you change them again.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try

If you have a scrapbook open and activate a tool, hoover over an element in that scrapbook and click, it automatically picks the settings without the need to hit ‘S’ first.

If you are into some adventure, you can rename a .layout file in a .zip file and examine its contents. One of the file is the StyleManager.xml, which contains all the default settings for the tools…

changing the key “text.face” will change the default.
You need to compress the files back again and rename to .layout in order to load correctly.
Use at own risk.


Thanks. What do I need to compress the files and is it a simple operation?

To open a LayOut file, it is best to create a duplicate and rename that file. That way, at least you have a backup.
The extension of that duplicate should ve renamed from .layout to .zip
This is best done in the info panel of Finder (select the file and hit cmd-i) Otherwise, you might end up with multiple extensions.

That .zip file can be extracted by double clicking and the folder icon should be blue and you can open the files for editing.
If you don’t have Xcode installed you can choose a normal texteditor to ‘open with’ but you won’t have the advantages of a editor that color-formats the text inside.
(Xcode is Apple’s development platform and can be downloaded from the Appstore, but it is rather heavy).

After editing, select all the files in the folder, rightclick and choose ‘

It creates an ‘’ inside the folder, drag it out and rename to whatever.layout in the info panel.

The Template files reside in the ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 20xx/LayOut/Templates.
Create one first with a textblock that has your favorite settings, you can then see how it is formatted.

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