Changing default font after working within a template

Hi all,
I have been working within a standard layout template and the font reverts back to Verdana after being changed. Is it possible to change the font and get them to stick? Moving forward I will set a default font when starting a template but think I’m too far in on my current layout file.
Thank you

What do you mean it changes back to Verdana? Selecting existing text and changing the font does not change the font for text added later. Select the Text tool or Label or Dimension and change the font before placing text. If you already have some text formatted the way you want, get the Text tool, press s and click on the formatted text to sample it.

If Verdana is not the font you want for future projects, make your own template. Set font, text size leader and dimension styles, paper size, layers, etc.

Hi Kievitt,

I have had this problem too, and it is very frustrating! Please try this - once you set the font and size you want, type something. Then select the eyedropper tool and click on your type. The eyedropper will turn to a paint bucket. It should stick now.

Thanks Sue_Storm. That seemed to work!

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Thanks DaveR!