Font defaulting

I frequently have to select and reselect the font I use (Helvetica). It defaults to Verdana. How do I make it stay in Helvetica?

From the get go, you should make a template with the desired font. When you are setting the font, get the Text tool and immediately choose the desired font. Then place the text. Repeat that for Dimensions and Labels.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Are there any tutorials or explanations for setting up a template?

I imagine there is in SketchUp to LayOut by Matt Donley. I haven’t read it so I don’t know for sure.

In general, when I set up a new template, I do the following.

Set paper size and orientation
Create layers for the various types of entities I’ll use.
Set the font for each of the three. I usually start the text tool, set the font and type a little sample text box and make adjustments to the size so I’m comfortable with it. Repeat for Labels and Dimensions also setting the style and sizes of arrowheads and the like. I then delete any text entities I’ve added
Add things like borders, title blocks, page numbers and other text that’ll always be used.

Then I save it as a template.

If your document is already started, select the text tool, then open the FONTS box (Mac, PC a bit different), select font characteristics including alignment, anchoring, and bounding, then FILE / SAVE before clicking on your document . Repeat for Label and Dimension, but there include the Shape Style info as well, and Save. Your new entities will default to these selections for this document.
DaveR’s way above is better, but then you have to think ahead, which some of us relative newbies find problematic.

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Do you know if this is still the situation with Layout 2019? What you described worked for me once, but when I decided to set it to yet another font, saving the file before clicking on my document does not seem to reset the default anymore… Is there any reason this would work only once?

Nothing has changed as far as the way defaults are set for things like fonts. I’m not really following what you were doing that didn’t work.

I tried what Gary described above, how to change the default font properties once I’ve been already working on the doc (i.e. too late to set as template as you described). I was able to change once from the original default, to a new default, but when I tried to change again to a different font, it does not work the second time…I’m probably missing a step, even though I’m sure I followed the same procedure both times… Does that make sense now?

I think you are missing a step somewhere. Give me a few minutes.

I sent you a PM.

Ria- Try this one: Make a text or label or dimension with the characteristics you wish to keep. Then sample it with the dropper. The dropper will change to a bucket. Move the bucket back to the dimension (or whatever) icon in the tool bar. The bucket will change to an arrow, but click on the icon anyway. This will set the default for all future uses of that icon until you repeat the process with new characteristics. The learning curve continues. I think I learned this one from one of Matt Donley’s tutorials.

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Fantastic, this works! Thanks very much!