Changing layout's default font

Dumb question, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to change the default font and size used in notes and dimensions?


What operating system? You have yet to complete your profile so we don’t know. Changing fonts is different between Mac and Windows. After you’ve changed the fonts, if you want those to be the defaults for future projects, save the file as a template.

Using a mac / OS 10.11.6 with layout 2016


why not complete your profile so that question doesn’t need to be asked again?

Place some text in your paper space, open it for editing by double clicking on it. Then right click on it and choose Fonts. Make the required adjustments. Do this for each of the three text types. Then to make those settings stick going forward with the project, get each of the text tools in turn, type s and sample the changed text. This will update the tool so the text will match. If you want to change leader and dimension arrows, do that too before sampling.

As before, if you want to set up default fonts for future projects, do this in a blank file and save it as a template.

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You can also save your different text styles to the Scrapbook and then sample them from there. Do the same for your leaders and dimensions arrows as well. Put them in the Scrapbook for sampling.

Thanks for the help and profile updated. Here’s another odd thing you might have a solution for… when adding text, the leader line drops to the bottom of the text block when the type is align right.


Could you show an example of that text thing? In my experience the leader normally ends up on the end of the text box closest to where the arrow is.

Are there carriage returns below where the text ends?

No… weird, right?

But even it was, I find it odd, or my layout is odd, that left align type puts the leader up top on the first line as it should be, but right align wants to drop it to the bottom?

I’ll have to check on my Mac. On the PC the leader ends up in the middle of the side no matter which way the text is justified.


Again, many thanks for the help DaveR

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