Layout Dimension Formatting

I know that I can create a new dimension style by making changes in the dimension style, font, and shape style prior to creating a dimension. But, one thing that I cannot figure out how to change in my default is how to remove the dot on the leader that connects the dimension text to the dimension line (image attached) in instances when the text doesn’t fit.

I am aware that I can manually double click on this line after it is created and change the end style, but is there anyway to do it prior so that I can change my default template?

Edit one dimension and in Shape Style turn off the dot. Then get the Dimension tool, immediately presss S to get the pipette to sample the style, click on that edited dimension somewhere and go to town adding more tiny dimensions.

If you never want the dot on those leaders, you should do this as part of setting up your own template(s). When I create my own templates I always place some temporary text, labels, and dimensions to format. Set them up as desired and then just delete the text before saving the template.

Thanks so much! Have been using Layout for years, and I didn’t know that the sample tool could be used beyond the paint bucket.

I really appreciate you taking the time to include the video as well.

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Glad that helped.

FWIW, you can use that sampling method on practically anything in LayOut. I have alimited palette of line weights/dashes that I use on projects that are done using a specific template. I created samples of them off to the side of the paper space like so:

If I want to draw a line or shape with 1.5 pt lineweight and 1x dashes, I get the appropriate tool, hit S, click on the sample and go to drawing. You could do the same for fonts, text sizes, and text colors if you use different ones in your projects.

If you hover over an element of a scrapbook, there is no need to tap the S or B key, it automatically switches to the sample mode to pick the style of the element: