Layout dimensioning methodology illogical

The way Layout dimensioning works is bizarre. Having changed from the default dimensioning (why can’t you change the default like in any other program eg “Set to default”?), I successfully save a template. On setting up a new document using the saved template, it immidiately reverts to the default dimensioning style. Is there anyway to save a dimensioning style for all future files without long work arounds?

It isn’t illogical at all. Yes there is a way to save the dimensioning style you select in your custom template.

First, in order to change the dimension style you have to have the Dimension tool or existing dimension(s) selected.

When I create a new template one of the things I do is place a dimension along with a label and a regular text box on the page. Then I edit their styles (font, size, dimension line weight, arrow style, leader style, etc.) After editing the entities I get each of those tools again, press S, sample the existing entity and place a new one to ensure that it’s set the way I want. After they are all set up I delete them and use Save as Template to create the template.

Note that this will not change the OEM template you started from. You’re creating a new template. Simply changing the style and selecting save will not update the OEM template either.

You don’t have to place the dimensions and text entities on the page. You can just make the settings. I like to see how they look on the sheet before I create the template, though.

Of course when you are creating the template also add things like layers, title block text, page borders and so.

By the way, your forum profile says you are using Sketchup 2017 Make. Clearly if you are using LayOut your profile is not correct. Please update that information. It helps us help you.

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Dave, the question about “set as default” stirred me a bit. Do you think it’s reasonable to have a panel in the Layout Settings for these defaults? Set once for your workflow and everything you start in the future has those settings…good/bad?

That’s an interesting question. I wouldn’t like that for myself because I have about a dozen different templates and they all use different fonts, dimension styles, and so on. If the “fix” was to have some sort of default setting that applies to all projects, I’d have to go in and change things every time I start a new project.

A custom template sets the defaults. The whole point of having to select a template to get started in LayOut takes care of the “defaults”. Remember the shipped templates are really intended as examples and starting points for creating your own templates.

Good points actually. Maybe a panel in Document Setup then so that it’s connected just to that particular file? I think I like the idea of a way to establish graphic settings in a panel. Would be a way to make sure that you have updated all available options.

I don’t know how that would be an improvement on creating a template.

Maybe what you really need is a list of the elements that need to go into your templates although that will probably change from one template to another. Still, you could make a list to use as a guide. If you only ever use one template, though, that list would be a one time thing.

Besides various templates, one also can set up a scrapbook with set types of fonts, linestyles and dimensions.
When you activate a tool, hover over the desired style (and notice the cursor changes into a pipet) click and the setting are all set!


Same here. I have a few different templates for different clients, and some of my clients know I work with other (potential competitor) firms - so they have requested that their work ‘look unique’ - so logos and fonts change a bit from client to client.

I will be honest and I underuse scrapbooks - but seeing the comment below I’ll have to make use of them more.

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