Setting dimension preferences

I continually have to set and reset dimensions in LO. They always revert to decimal. How can I set the dimensioning so it stays the same in a file?

You need to create a template by the sounds of it.

Goto File>Document setup>Units and set those to your preference.

In layout select dimension tool, the set the dimensions window how you want it.
Then select angular dimension tool and set the dimensions window for that.
Next time you select either tool the last settings set will be used, to get these permanently:

Goto File> save as template > give it a name and save to my templates folder.

Goto File> new from template >check always use selected template THEN load the template you just saved.

This should load up the template along with the settings every time you open LayOut

Hope this helps.


A template is an excellent way to make sure your documents start with the settings you want.

Another handy trick is that the “Sample Style” tool will set the current style for the matching tool. For example, if you have a dimension with the style settings that you want, press the “s” key to start the “sample” tool and click on that dimension. At that time, the style in that dimension will be copied into the dimension tool. Now switch to the dimension tool and create a new dimension - it should match the dimension that you sampled.