Layout Dimension Setup Not Changing

In Layout, I go to Document Setup, Units, and no matter what I change there, (precision, metric, etc.) and then close, it doesn’t update and the document remains in fractional, 1/64.
Am I missing something?

Clearly, yes.

If you want to make the dimension show in some other units, change that setting in the Dimension Style window. If you want to change existing dimensions, select them first. Then change them in the Dimensions window.

Then what is the point of having a dimension section in “document setup” if it doesn’t change the dimension units in the document?

Units in Document Setup control the display of dimensions shown for grid spacing and margins.

When you create your template, go through the various text tools, (Text, Labels, and Dimensions) and set the font, the dimension units and shape style options as needed. Then you won’t have to do it each time you start a new project. Just select your custom template.

You should read the Help Center page. Specifically under the heading, Unit Settings.

Thanks - working well now

I would classify the ability do create dimensions showing different units in a single document as a Good Thing…

So would I.