Dimension Issue in Layout


I am trying to mark up a drawing in Layout with dimensions. Despite having the units set as Millimeters in the Document Setup, the dimensions are displaying in Meters. Does anyone have any idea how I can change this.



First, you need to set the units in the right place. For the Dimension tool that would be in Dimension Style not Document Setup. You can edit any existing dimensions by selecting them and choosing the correct units in Dimension Style, too.

The dimension setting in Document Setup is only for things like setting grid spacing and border widths. It has nothing to do with the dimensions you use on the sheet.

Perfect - how do you immediately know all this stuff?

I’ve been using SketchUp nearly every day since 2003 and LayOut since it was first introduced. I’ve seen others post this same question before, too.


I suspect Dave like myself and many others learned by doing, way before there were great tutorials and lots of forums and YouTube videos.

Have you done the learning materials created by SketchUp:


And this particular question is addressed here:

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