Can't change units. always get millimeters

Whenever I add a dimension it comes out in Millimeters. I go to document setup, change dimensions to inches, but when I open a new page it is still in Millimeters.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says Free which is the web based version and you’ve posted in the Layout section. Layout only comes with SketchUp Pro.

If you’re not using Free, set the unit the way you want in an empty document, then save it as a template and set that as your default template. The next time you open a new file it will be in inches.

Two problems there.

First, if you want LayOut’s dimensions to display in some other units than millimeters, you need to be setting them in the Dimension Style window not in Document Setup.
Screenshot - 1_17_2018 , 8_34_20 AM

Second, unless you create a new template with the chosen dimension units, it won’t stick because the template you’re opening has them set to millimeters. Make the changes you want and save as a new template.

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