Change Dimensions to Millimetre

hi there,
I am sure this is very simple one when you know how.
I have this drawing in Layout and the units are 3.34m but I want it to show as 3340mm or just 3340. Is it possible to change this? This is a floor plan done in Sketchup exported to Layout and Dimensions where put on in Layout.


Are the dimensions done in SketchUp or in LayOut? If in SketchUp, go to Window>Model Info and change the units as desired. Save the changes and then update the LayOut reference. If the dimensions are added in LayOut, go to the Dimension Style panel and change the units as desired. If you already have dimensions in the document, select them first. And then before adding more dimensions, select the Dimension tool, hit S and then sample one of the correctly formatted dimensions.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

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thank you … solved !

Good. Which part solved it.