Change dimension units but nothing happens?


MAC. SU Pro version 14.1.1283. Using simple A3 landscape template

Started using layout, great love it.

When I change units nothing changes, what am I doing wrong.



What do you expect to happen? The unit setting only affects the way you enter your coordinates and distances when drawing, and what units LayOut uses when exporting to DWG. The units displayed by your dimension lines are determined in the Dimension Style window. If you need to change the units of a dimension you already have drawn, select it and change the setting in the Dimension Style window.




There are 2 areas in LayOut where units are set. You will want to be sure you are setting the correct one for your dimensions.

One is specific to the dimension tool (Window > Dimension Style). The dimension tool should be active in order to change the unit settings.

… the other is specific to the LayOut drawing tools (File > Document Setup > Units)



Ok, got it now, thanks v much