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“how to set default dimension style layout”
offerd for me to suggest a new question, I did this it suggested this was the first time sucha question was asked did I want to submit, BUT submit was greayed out and pop up said “robot check failed” I am not happy with not being able to get basic help. This seems like a scam by Trim,ble to forece me to subscribe . Help I want an answer to "how to set default dimension style in layout

  • Start new file
  • Change settings
  • Save as Template

When constantly needing different shape style, dimensions and text settings, you can create a new file, add your favorites and then save as Scrapbook. By activating a tool and then hoovering over an element in the scrapbook, the properties are set accordingly.

H i Thanks but I am not constantly changing things just want to set up a dimension style as default in a template without having to go through a convoluted routine such as you suggested. More to the point. The set up for suggesting a question is not working if you work for Trimble please pass this on. Users like me are being blackmailed into subscribing when we do not want to by Trimble removing even basic help. If I subscribe will I get better support ?


  • Open that template when starting a new document [menu] File > New from template… , then look for ‘My Templates’ on the right (V 2021) or set it to be the default ( …Preferences > Startup > Use selected template )
    The type of license has no influence on this procedure.

Non paying (maintenance) users never had support as well, this hasn’t changed. For them, the user forum was intended (as well as for Free and Make users)