Default LayOut settings change mid-session

I just recently switched to LayOut 2019. Today I ran into an issue that I don’t think I caused.

In the middle of my LayOut session, my default text, dimension, and shape styles changed. See screenshots from my project file, where most of the dimensions and shapes are similar (these are my default template settings, I did not change them for this project) and then the highlighted elements that are reset to (presumable) LayOut defaults. Also note that Labels, which I have not used in this project so far, are still on my template defaults, as they should be.

I repeat that I did nothing to intentionally revert.

So did I accidentally hit a command that I’m unaware of? Or is this a bug? Or what am I missing?

I’ve not seen this sort of thing before with LayOut. Are you using a template you created or one of the OEM templates. If it’s an OEM template, which one?

It’s possible to change settings but it generally takes some deliberate clicks or button presses so it’s not likely you hit one thing to change it.

When you installed SketchUp and LayOut 2019, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator or did you do something else like double clicking on it to get it to run?

One of mine. And I just confirmed that opening a brand new file with the same template works properly. So it’s just within this one file.

Yes sir, that’s been drilled into me by this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

OK so that means that it’s not reverting a “default” setting since the default is what you have set in your template.

Excellent! We’ve got one person doing it right, anyway. :wink:

Styles of things can be changed from the current settings. One way to do that is if you press S while you have some tool active (like Dimension, Line, Label) and then click on an existing entity. The thing with that is if you have the Dimension tool active and sample a non-dimension entity, you will apply the style. If you have the Line tool active and sample a dimension line, you would change the line style.

I’m not sure what might have happened but you should be able to easily reset all of the different entity things to the way they were by sampling off existing ones while the appropriate tool is active.

You solved it anyways!
I was completely unaware of the “press S while you have some tool active” feature, but now when I went and tried it, I see the eyedropper icon, which triggered my memory. I had just gone into the Scrapbook tab to grab an elevation symbol, and saw the eyedropper tool when I tried to select one of the symbols. I must have accidentally hit S on my keyboard, then clicked within the Scrapbook, sampling the style of that particular set. (Hope that makes sense)

Thanks a million!

Cool! I’m glad that sorted it. One thing I’ve done with some of my templates is to place dimension, label and other entities in the area outside the paper space so I can quickly sample them if I need to change them. I also have various commonly used line styles and line weights set up there.

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Actually you don’t even have to hit S. I just recreated the situation, and if you have the dimension tool active, then open Scrapbook, eyedropper happens automatically!

Ah, yes. Good idea to have the Select tool active when pulling something out of a Scrapbook.

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While ‘S’ is set to ‘pick style’ by default, ‘B’ is also set as ‘Style picker’

If you have a drawing tool active and a sample scrapbook open, you can easily pick the settings for that tool.
Scrapbooks aren’t just for ‘picking objects’, they are a great way to select your (company’s) style, too

Instructor panel:


Style Tool
Sample and apply style to entities.

Tool Operation

  1. Click on entity in scrapbook or document area to sample style.
  2. Move cursor over entity in scrapbook or document area.
  3. Click to apply style.

Esc = Cancel operation.

Click to learn about more advanced operations…

For example the rectangle tool, this could be altered to:


Rectangle Tool

Draw rectangular shapes.

Tool Operation

  1. Hoover over an entity in a scrapbook to load a Style
  2. Click to set start point.
  3. Move cursor diagonally.
  4. Click to finish rectangle.

Esc = Cancel operation.

Modifier Keys

  • Shift = Constrain to square
  • Option = Create square about center
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys = Round corners

Click to learn about more advanced operations…