Change size of center dot in LayOut dimensions

Is there a way to change the dot in the center of dimension lines in LayOut?

After reducing the line weight and arrow size, the dot now looks like it should also be smaller. Wow that sentence was probably a grammatical nightmare.

Thanks in advance.

Double click into the dimension and select the leader. Then in Shape Style change the size of the dot.

Do that to one of them and then use the eye dropper to sample that dimension and change the others. If that’s a change you want to make for future documents using that template. Make the change in the template and resave it.


You’re welcome.

FWIW, you can make all sorts of changes to the individual elements of the dimensions that way. I doubt there’s any need to do something like this but it can be done.

Screenshot - 4_28_2022 , 9_49_40 AM