Change the size of the tick mark in LayOut

Is it possible to change the size of the tick mark in LayOut’s dimensioning tools?

Ii would like to have a broader tick mark but keep the dimension line thin.

When one adjusts the line weight, the tick mark does get wider, but everything gets wider, broader. I am guessing that the tick, like the dot and the arrow heads, is a “block” defined somewhere with in LayOut. Can I edit this block?

You can change the width of the tick mark a little with the size of the start and end arrow but the dimension line gets longer past the extension, too. Maybe you can find a balance that works.
tick mark

I wasn’t clear - the width of the tick mark’s line itself … breadth or line weight? Not the length of the tick.

As the tick mark gets longer it also gets a little wider. There is no way to set the width of the tick mark separately, though.

That was what I was afraid of though I know somewhere deeper in the code is a description of the tick mark vector, eh?

I suppose there is but i don’t think there’s any way to access it