Dimension Line Weights

Hi everyone - hoping someone can help me with this.

I want my dimension lines to be a light line weight, but the end slashes/ticks in a heavier line weight. When I adjust the line scale of the dimension line, it changes everything (including the ticks) to be very light, and when I adjust the size of the end slashes, it only makes them longer, not thicker.

Is there a way to have the dimension lines in a light line weight and the end slashes in a heavy line weight?

Thanks so much!

Do your dimensioning in LayOut. You can change the line weight for the dimension lines and extension lines and change the size of the dimension end arrows separately. The variety is nearly endless.

Even in LayOut, I don’t think so. The “Start Arrow” or “End Arrow” is part of the dimension line itself, so the dimension line and the arrow/slash will always share the same line weight.

I guess you could set the dimension line to have no end arrows, and then draw your own end slash (with a heavy line weight). You’d have to place it manually on every dimension line, which sounds like a pain.

You can change the arrow size independently from the weight of the dimension line.

Indeed, but not the weight of the arrow, as it is part of the line. I made the assumption that “end slash” refers to this specific arrow style:


Changing the size only changes the length in this case, but not the thickness.

It seems the only way to increase the thickness of this arrow style is to increase the line weight of the dimension line.

Hi DaveR,
Sorry I didn’t mention this. I do all my dimensions and notations in Layout. Only drawing in Sketchup.

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That’s exactly it. Hmph! Seems I may be SOL.
Thanks all for your help.

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