Updated my sketchup file in layout and now Dimension lines are different? HELP

Updated my model in sketchup, then updated the file in layout. Dimensions all went red because they weren’t in the proper place anymore. I deleted most of them, but when I start adding new dimensioning, there is no slash on the line. I am at a loss, I can’t see a difference in the dimension style and text style, but no option to include the slash on the line?

Can you share the LO file?

When you select the dimension tool, what do the arrows look like in Shape Style?

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The line end styles are handled under the shape style tab, not text or dimension style. It’s a little confusing, but those slashes and arrows are a universal feature of lots of geometry, so that style is separate.

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Bingo!! It was in the Shape Style. It is weird that it changed the default on its own. I had to change everything back to what it started with. I just missed the arrow start and stop in the Shape Style. Thank you so much!!!

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Normally it should stay as last set when you were using the Dimension tool.

Did you try to reconnect the dimensions or did you make so many changes to the Sketchup model that all the original PIDs were gone?

Unfortunately I don’t know how to answer that. I moved a piece of the model 1’ and redrew the mixed up piece. Not a ton of changes. But the dimension tool changed completely, it was at 9 pt, Regular with the slash arrows. When I updated, all my dimensions started drawing in 6pt, italics, with the flat arrow ends. Really weird to me.

Weird. Had you changed the style of the dimensions after you’d placed them?

As for the PIDs, that refers to Persistent IDs. Those are what LO uses to tie the dimensions to the model. It sounds like you did a number of things which removed at least some of those PIDs so the points the dimensions were anchored to were deleted. That will certainly require replacing the dimensions. Sometimes, though, dimensions can be reconnected to the model so it’s a good idea to at least try.

I get needing to replace the dimensions, I just can’t figure out why the default style would change without my input. It is all fixed now at any rate, and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out!

Yeah. I don’t know why that would happen, either. I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard that, too.

That’s super weird, for sure. I had just assumed you changed the style on the dimension objects afterwards, as Dave suggested. I know Layout has fooled me countless times into thinking I’m changing the default style when I’m actually only changing an instance, but that’s a pretty quick reveal. Let us know if you learn any more.

yeah, I updated the sketchup model, and for some reason my dimension style changed all up. I didn’t attempt to change anything on it, it just changed the default settings. BTW, I think Letter Kenny is hilarious

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