Layout dimension issue 2021

I am having an issue with the formatting of dimensions; I set the format I want, line weight etc. I hit “D” and it still shows correct line weight, but once I click to
start the dimension, it changes to a thicker line weight. Pro2021

Do you mean you are formatting a dimension you’ve already placed? If so, that doesn’t change the existing dimension settings. It only edits the dimension you modified. In order to use the settings you made for the dimension on the page, get the Dimension tool and press S. The cursor will change to the eye dropper. Click on the dimension you just changed. That will make the settings for subsequent dimensions.


Alternatively you can choose the Dimension tool and make the changes before you place any dimensions.

so either change the “running” settings in the dimension and shape style palette AFTER selecting the dimension tool, or set them with the eye dropper tool as Dave explained.

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A little off topic but a question. I’ve been poking through your SketchUp model and I’m wondering about the 3D text on the windows ad the posts. Is that of huge value in your projects?

yes, i add text inside the components in the model. I could move them to a different layer and turn them off in this scene to clean it up i suppose.

i was doing this, and the changes would show, but as soon as i clicked to start making a dimension it reverted back to the old dimension.

I was mostly curious if you even need the 3D text. The text identifying the windows could be added as labels in LO instead which would help to improve the performance of your SketchUp model.

I think you must have missed a step.

You weren’t using the eye dropper from the toolbar were you?

no, we spend months if not years in sketchup before moving to layout, and the text needs to transfer to the shop drawings for the timbers. additionally, I want the text to be visible in sketchup for the carpenters. thanks for trying though.

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