Adjust length of dim extension lines

Anyway to change a dim style so that default extension line length ABOVE the dim line is smaller?

Yes. You can do that. double click on the dimension to get to edit mode. Then select the extension line and make adjustments to the End arrow size. Repeat for the other extension line.

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Thanks for the reply.
I’m not able to get this to work. No way after dots appear to drag extension line at arrowhead.
Also, when I double click the dim and change the points at the end arrow like is being shown, all it does is change the size of the arrowhead.
What am I missing?

I didn’t say anything about dragging them. If you are getting a change in the arrowhead size, you haven’t selected the extension line. double click on the dimension, then single click on the extension line. so it shows as selected exactly as my screen shots show. Note in the Shape Style window the ends are not shown with arrowheads. Just straight lines.

OK. Got that to work but when I draw new dim lines doesn’t save the changes. Any way to make these changes stick/ make them default?

After you’ve edited a dimension, get the Dimension tool. Immediately hit S and sample the dimension you just changed. The changes will become the settings for dimensions going forward.

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Perfect! Thanks! & Thanks Again!

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